About Me


I am a mother of two amazing children, living in Charlottesville, VA. Working toward becoming a certified doula has been a drastic change for my professional life in project management and software. Managing our home budget, car and home repair keep me busy as well. I’m a Jane of all trades!

I have experienced how incredibly difficult parenting can be and I’ve struggled through countless “shoulds” in the form of unsolicited advice, bad advice, and societal pressures. Knowing motherhood would be hard, could not prepare me for the extreme endurance necessary, nor the isolation. I have had entire weeks where the only person I spoke to outside my home was the grocery-store cashier. As a result, I felt alone.

I’ve discovered these feelings were not unique to me. Inspired by wonderfully relatable women like Jen & Kristen from #IMomSoHard, I started directing my energy into presenting my real self to those around me and supporting my other mom friends to spread this feeling of belonging.


My Passion

Over time I realized that I had become the main source of answers and support for many friends of mine that were new to motherhood. I have helped support parents by working with them to develop a budget or alleviated stumbling blocks when parent friends have been stuck, overwhelmed by all the things on the to-do list. A friend told me through tears that I may have saved her life when she was a young mother, acting as her unofficial postpartum doula. That is ultimately what drove me to launch Ostaria Parenting. 

I want to support mothers. Your baby’s well-being is important, and I want to ask how you are doing. When I had my baby, the glow that had drawn smiles and kindness from everyone was now outside myself, and I felt invisible. You are not invisible and I want to be a voice of support, compassion, and give real-life, practical help.